Steel Warehouse Buildings: Stainless, Sturdy, and Cost-Effective

Steel warehouse buildings are structures made of stainless steel that are durable, cost-effective, and easy to assemble.

Item NO.: SS002
Lead Time: 15 working days
Product Origin: China
Brand: Cbox
Shipping Port: Shenzhen / Nansha
Payment: FOB
Color: Customized

Steel Warehouse Buildings: Stainless, Sturdy, and Cost-Effective

Steel warehouse buildings are a great option for businesses that need a large and flexible space for various purposes.

Made of stainless steel, which is a strong and durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, fire, corrosion, and pests. Stainless steel also has a sleek and modern appearance that can enhance the aesthetic value of your building.

Cost-effective, as they are cheaper than traditional buildings and can save you money on maintenance, energy, and insurance costs. Steel warehouse buildings also have a long lifespan and can be recycled or reused if needed.

Easy to assemble, as they come in pre-engineered modules that can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences. You can choose the size, shape, design, color, and features of your steel warehouse building according to your requirements and budget.

Versatile, as they can be used for different purposes, such as storage, workshop, office, showroom, or even living space. Steel warehouse buildings can also be expanded or relocated easily if your business grows or changes.

Product Description

Main Steel Column and beam—Q235, Q355 steel with high strength and stiffness, high weight-bearing
Secondary frame C steel, Z steel, square tube, steel angle, tie bar, tension rod, and bracing.
Connection method of steel structure Welding connection or bolt
Roof and wall material corrugated Corrugated sheets, sandwich panel (EPS, ROCK WOOL, GLASS WOOL)
Connections Anchor, high strength/ordinary bolts, steel plate, etc

Product Details

Production Process


About CBOX

Guangdong C.BOX Co., Ltd, which covers 350,000 square meters and has an annual output of 200,000 containers, focuses on designing and developing, producing, selling, installing, operating, and serving as a whole, providing one-stop box rental and manufacturing for customers.

After 16 years of hard work by the company’s core team, it has obtained 46 invention patents and utility model patents.

Guangdong Cbox Co., Limited has 30 factories, and the product categories produced include steel structures, flat-pack container houses, detachable container houses, foldable container houses, folding flat-pack container houses, portable toilets, etc.

The workshop is equipped with automated robotic arms to reduce labor costs and reduce costs for customers.

There are 23 branches of Guangdong Cbox. Established 30 large-scale physical manufacturing plants. The company has a total plant area of 350,000 square meters and an annual output of 200,000 containers. The Jiangmen fully automated production plant under construction already be put into operation in March 2020.

The factory workshop of Guangdong Cbox is equipped with an automated robotic arm, which can realize unmanned operations such as automatic welding and automatic spraying, reducing labor costs and costs for customers.

The thermal insulation material integrates high-efficiency thermal insulation, an energy-saving thin layer, and external protection. Building insulation mainly takes measures from the inside and the outer envelope of the building, and measures to reduce the indoor heat dissipation of the building to the outside have an important role in creating a suitable indoor thermal environment.

We take the need of a customer as the base, green safe, economical, and comfortable living experience as the root and development of the industry as the purpose.

With automatic manipulators and excellent sales engineers, we are confident that we can meet the requirements of customers on quality, quantity, and even technical guidance.