Portable Cabins for Office, Barracks, and Home Use

Portable cabins are movable and modular units that can serve as offices, barracks, or homes. They are easy to install, transport, and customize.

Item NO.: SF006
Lead Time: 15 working days
Brand: Cbox
Shipping Port: Shenzhen/ Nansha
Payment: FOB

Portable Cabins for Office, Barracks, and Home Use

Feature of slide folding container

Movable and Modular: This slide folding container house can be easily installed, transported, and customized according to different needs and preferences.

High-Quality: Portable cabins are made of high-quality materials, such as steel, wood, and insulation, that ensure durability, comfort, and safety.

Spacious and Functional Design: Portable cabins are designed to be spacious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, with features such as windows, doors, furniture, and electrical systems.

Multipurpose Usage: Portable cabins can serve as office containers, container barracks, or homes for various purposes, such as temporary or permanent accommodation, workspace, storage, or recreation.

Affordable and Cost-Effective: These container houses are also named affordable container houses because they are affordable and cost-effective, as they can save time and money on construction, maintenance, and relocation.

Versatile and Adaptable: Portable cabins are versatile and adaptable, as they can be used in different climates and environments, such as urban or rural areas, hot or cold regions, or flat or hilly terrains.

Our portable cabins are also eco-friendly and affordable. They use recycled materials that reduce waste and carbon footprint. They are easy to transport and install, which lowers the construction cost and time. They are also durable and resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons.

The foldable fast-build house is ideal for urban and rural areas, as they can fit any space and style. Whether you want a tiny house Philippines for a minimalist lifestyle, or a small house Philippines for a family of four, we have the perfect solution for you.

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Material List

Product Specifications Folded Height  H=440mm 40HQ can load 10 sets
L*W*H(mm)  5830mm*2500mm*2470mm
 Inner size: 5650mm*2320mm*2200mm
Roof Form  Flat Roof
Number Of Layers  ≤2 layers
Structure Column  Specification 50mm*160mm
 Roller Beam
 Material Thickness 2.3mm
 Material Q235B
Roof Main Beam  Specification 50*160mm
 Roller Beam
 Material Thickness 2.3mm
Roof Secondary Beam  Galvanized Cold Rolled Section Steel C Type
 Material Thickness=1.0mm
 6 Pieces
 Material Q235B
Ground Main Beam  Height 50*140mm
 Roller Beam
 Material Thickness 2.3mm
Ground Secondary Beam  Galvanized Cold Rolled Section Steel C Type
 Material Thickness 1.5mm
 9 Pieces
Bolt  8.8 Class High-Strength Bolts, 6
Paint  Electrostatic spraying plastic powder baking varnish   ≥80μm
Roof Roof Panel  EPS Color Steel Sandwich Panel
 Color White-Gray
 Free fall
Ground Substrate  18mm Fireproof Glass Magnesium Board
Wall Insulation Cotton  50mm Thickness Color Steel EPS Sandwich Panel
 Class B Fireproof
Color steel Plate  Panel Coler Streel Plate Thickness 0.4mm
Door Specification  Width×Height=840mm*1900mm
Material  Steel Door
 Concealed Lock
Window Specification  950mm*1100mm
Frame Material  Plastic Steel
Glass  Single Layer Glass


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