Container Hospital Design From Flat Pack Container House

Container hospital design utilizes flat pack houses for rapid deployment, flexibility, and cost-efficiency in healthcare expansion.

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Brand: Cbox
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Container Hospital Design From Flat Pack Container House

Container hospital design utilizes flat pack houses for rapid deployment, flexibility, and cost-efficiency in healthcare expansion. By leveraging the versatility of container house design, medical facilities can be swiftly established to meet urgent healthcare demands.

The modular nature of container units allows for easy customization, enabling the creation of specialized spaces tailored to specific medical requirements. Whether it’s a container tiny house serving as a triage center or a container luxury house converted into isolation units, the adaptability of flat pack containers ensures that the hospital layout can be optimized for efficient patient care.

Moreover, the cost-effective nature of building a container hospital from pre-fabricated components makes it an attractive option for healthcare organizations seeking to expand their capacity without breaking the bank. With rapid deployment, flexibility, and cost-efficiency at its core, container hospitals represent a pragmatic solution to the challenges of healthcare infrastructure development.

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Feature of CBOX office container:

Rapid Deployment: Container hospitals, utilizing flat pack container houses, offer unparalleled speed in deployment. With pre-fabricated components ready for assembly, construction time is significantly reduced compared to traditional
building methods. This ensures the swift establishment of medical facilities, crucial for emergency response or healthcare expansion initiatives.

Flexibility: The versatility of container house design lends itself seamlessly to the adaptation of container hospitals. Modular units can be easily configured and reconfigured to accommodate various medical functions, such as triage
centers, patient wards, or even surgical suites. This flexibility enables healthcare providers to tailor the facility layout to meet evolving needs and optimize patient care.

Cost-Efficiency: Building a container hospital from flat pack container houses represents a cost-effective solution for healthcare infrastructure development. The standardized nature of shipping containers minimizes material waste and
construction expenses. Additionally, the streamlined construction process reduces labor costs and time, resulting in overall savings for healthcare organizations.

Product Description

1. Parameter

The following parameters are for our standard flat pack container house.

Portable container office, villa
All use bolts, No welding
White Column, coffee color panel
Portable office, villa, camp
Drain system
Steel or glass door
Each container size
3*6*2.85 meter
950mm*1200mm alloy window
Q235 galvanized steel, EPS panel
MGO board or wooden floor
Delivery time
5-7 days
Panel size
All use bolts, no welding
Can be a wooden plastic board

Office: Removable, Expandable, Reusable, 20 Years Life

Type: Flat Pack Prefab Container Office

Application: Temporary offices in construction sites, office built-in workshops, and low-cost outdoor offices.

Advantages: Short installation time, 1-15 days, depending on the project, a single container office only needs one day to complete the installation.

Cabin Hospital: Fast, Durable, Safe

Type: Flat Pack Prefab Container Cabin Hospital

Application: Responding to a sudden illness that results in the need to isolate patients or expand the hospital.

Advantages: The installation time is short, 7-20 days, depending on the project. We have participated in or independently completed 15 makeshift hospital projects, including the famous project Huoshenshan Hospital.

Dormitory: Fast, Fully Furnished, Stable

Type: Flat Pack Prefab Container Dormitory

Application: Due to site conditions, or the need to build a dormitory in a short period of time.

Advantages: Short installation time, 2-15 days, depending on the project. We can provide a variety of supporting facilities, such as beds, air conditioners, tables and so on.

C-BOX Service

Free Design Service: CAD + Effect Drawing

More than 15 designers and engineers, while providing professional advice, can also ensure compliance with customer requirements.

Customized Service: Size, Appearance, Color, Material, etc., Can be customized

According to customer requirements, we can also customize the thickness of steel, appearance color, anti-rust treatment, wall panels, bottom plates, etc.

Loading Service: If there are other goods, we can help load

If customers have purchased products from other places and need to be loaded together, we can provide container loading services for free

C-BOX Flat-Pack Portacabin

Note: All our products can be customized, If you need better configuration or other special requirements, please consult our staff.

Steel: Q235B Stainless Steel, 2.3mm

Q235B has a certain elongation, strength, good toughness, and castability, is easy to punch and weld, and is widely used in the manufacture of general mechanical parts. It is mainly used for welded structural parts with high-quality requirements in construction and bridge engineering.

1. Bottom frame corners 2. Bottom frame secondary beam (12*2.0 C-shaped steel) 3. Bottom frame long side beam (5635 mm)
4. Cement fiberboard (18 mm) 5. 2mm PVC Carpet 6. Column cover  (2600 mm)
7. Column (2535 mm) 8. UPVC windows + anti-theft net 9. Ceiling color steel plate
10. Glass wool insulation layer 11. Roofing color steel plate (0.45 mm) 12. Top frame secondary beam
13. Top frame long side beam (5635 mm) 14. Top frame corners 15. Top frame short side beam (2690 mm)
16. Top frame secondary beams 17. Top frame long side beam (5635 mm) 18. Column (2535 mm)
19. 50mm diamater drain pipe 20. Rock wool sandwich panel(75 mm) 21. Skirting lines
22. Bottom tie beam square tube 23. Bottom frame short side beam (2690 mm)

Anti-rust: Spray Paint (110 μ/m²) + Galvanized

The anti-corrosion treatment of many suppliers is only made of spray paint, and the density is only 80 μ/m², which may rust in 2-3 years, resulting in a significant reduction in service life.

But we will galvanize first, and then spray 110 μ/m² anti-rust paint, which can usually reach 10 years of anti-rust time. Greatly provides longevity.

Wall + Floor: Choose high-quality fire and moisture-proof materials

Wall panel: rock wool/glass wool color steel plate

Fire rating: Class A

Water-proof rating: Class A

Floor: PVC+glass magnesium board or PVC+cement

It has very good hardness, and it is also a fireproof and Water-proof material

Window and Door: Steel Doors + Aluminium Alloy Window

Steel Doors: Use high-quality stainless steel doors, 10 years without rust

Aluminium Alloy Window: Durable, no rust, easy to install

We have different configuration options, please contact our sales for details.

About CBOX


We are the first and only prefab house supplier using a fully automatic production line in China

Guangdong Cbox Co., Ltd, which covers 350,000 square meters and has an annual output of 200,000 containers (500+ sets per day), focuses on designing and developing, producing, selling, installing, operating, and serving as a whole, providing one-stop box rental and manufacturing for customers.

After 17 years of hard work by the company’s core team, it has obtained 46 invention patents and utility model patents. The workshop is equipped with automated robotic arms to reduce labor costs and reduce costs for customers.

Guangdong Cbox Co., Limited has 29 factories, and the product categories produced include flat-pack container houses, detachable container houses, detachable flat pack container houses, foldable container houses, slide folding container houses, portable toilets, etc.

We take the need of a customer as the base, green safe, economical, and comfortable living experience as the root and development of the industry as the purpose.

With the support of automatic manipulators and excellent sales engineers, CBOX is confident that we can meet the requirements of customers on quality, quantity, and even technical guidance.


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