40ft Expandable Tiny House: Modular Container House with Prefab Design

Expandable tiny house in 40ft: prefab modular container house that can be easily delivered and installed. Cozy and minimalist living.

Item NO.: EC-012
Lead Time: About 15-20 working days
Brand: Cbox
Shipping Port: Shenzhen / Nansha
Payment: FOB
Color: Customized

40ft Expandable Tiny House: Modular Container House with Prefab Design


Feature of the expandable tiny house:

Compact and cozy: The 40ft expandable container house offers a minimalist and comfortable living space that can suit any lifestyle.

Expandable and contractable: instant expandable homes can be easily adjusted to fit different spaces and needs. You can expand them to get up to 80 square meters of living space or contract them to save space and transportation costs.

Prefab and modular: modular container houses are made of pre-assembled and standardized units that can be easily delivered and installed. They are also easy to disassemble and relocate as needed.

Durable and eco-friendly: modular containers houses are made of high-quality and insulated materials that can withstand different weather conditions and reduce energy consumption.

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Material List

Steel Structure List Part Name Specification
1 Steel column Steel panel 3mm thickness bend part
2 Main bottom beam 150*75*3.0mm
3 Main top beam 12#*6mm
4 Secondary beam 80*80*2.0mm
5 Panel Galvanized steel corrugated sheet 1.0mm
6 Bottom frame purlin 80*40*2.0mm
Panel, Door, and Window 7 Ceiling 1150*50*0.326mm double-side Choi foam sandwich panel
(White and grey)
8 External wall panel Bending piping 2.5mm+1150*50*0.326mm 0.326mm double side Choi foam sandwich panel
(White and grey)
9 Floor Fireproof panel 15mm (yellow) +PVC grain board
10 Door panel 304 SS door (primary colors)

W*H: 1520mm*2200mm, 1 set

11 Sliding window Aluminum alloy sliding window (white)

W*H: 930mm*1200mm, 8 sets


About CBOX

Guangdong Cbox covers a series of products such as steel structure workshops, flat pack container houses, modified shipping container houses, detachable container houses, folding container houses, expandable container houses, portable ion, installation, Services, and other one-stop solutions.

After 15 years of hard work by the company’s core team, it has obtained 46 invention patents and utility model patents.

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