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Looking for quality housing while saving money? Our affordable folding container homes are the perfect solution! Available in various sizes and designs, these homes are easy to transport, set up and customize. Get a simple, yet comfortable home you can rely on.

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Jenama: Cbox
Pelabuhan Penghantaran: Shenzhen/ Nansha
Pembayaran: FOB
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  • Durable and eco-friendly materials: These container homes are made of durable and eco-friendly materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and natural disasters.
  • Foldable and modular space: They are foldable and modular, which means you can easily expand or reduce the space according to your needs.
  • Easy installation and relocation: They are easy to install and dismantle, requiring minimal labor and tools. You can also relocate them to different sites without hassle.
  • Variety of designs and customization: They offer a variety of designs and layouts to choose from, such as single or double rooms, open or closed kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, etc. You can also customize the interior and exterior decorations to suit your taste.
  • Affordable and cost-effective: They are affordable and cost-effective, saving you up to 50% compared to traditional buildings. They also have low maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Product Specifications Folded Height H=440mm 40HQ can load 10 sets
L*W*H(mm) 5830mm*2500mm*2470mm
Inner size: 5650mm*2320mm*2200mm
Roof Form Flat Roof
Number Of Layers ≤2 layers
Structure Column Specification 50mm*160mm
Roller Beam
Material Thickness 2.3mm
Material Q235B
Roof Main Beam Specification 50*160mm
Roller Beam
Material Thickness 2.3mm
Roof Secondary Beam Galvanized Cold Rolled Section Steel C Type
Material Thickness=1.0mm
6 Pices
Material Q235B
Ground Main Beam Height 50*140mm
Roller Beam
Material Thickness 2.3mm
Ground Secondary Beam Galvanized Cold Rolled Section Steel C Type
Material Thickness 1.5mm
9 Pices
Bolt 8.8 Class High-Strength Bolts, 6
Paint Electrostatic spraying plastic powder baking varnish ≥80μm
Roof Roof Panel EPS Color Steel Sandwich Panel
Color White-Gray
Free fall
Ground Substrate 18mm Fireproof Glass Magnesium Board
Wall Insulation Cotton 50mm Thickness Color Steel EPS Sandwich Panel
Class B Fireproof
Color steel Plate Panel Coler Streel Plate Thickness 0.4mm
Door Spesifikasi Width×Height=840mm*1900mm
Material Steel Door
Concealed Lock
Window Spesifikasi 950mm*1100mm
Fram Material Plastic Steel
Glass Single Layer Glass

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