How We Built a Container School with Detachable Container Houses in the Philippines

CBOX Container House has recently completed a new project – the Philippine Container School. This temporary school is made entirely of quick-assembly detachable container houses, which are durable, flexible, and eco-friendly.

How We Built Container School

The production time for each container house was only 15 days, which made it a fast and cost-effective solution for the local community’s education needs. The installation process of the 42 container houses, covering an area of 1200 square meters, took only 30 days with the help of 15 workers. The ease of assembly and connection made the process simple and efficient. Furthermore, the container houses are also easy to disassemble and relocate, making them ideal for temporary or emergency use.

This project includes classrooms, canteens, kitchens, public toilets, dormitories with bathrooms, warehouses, and self-occupied housing. The design and layout can be customized according to the customer’s preferences and needs. Multiple exterior and interior spaces can be created, with the container houses equipped with insulation, ventilation, lighting, and other facilities to ensure comfort and safety.

The Philippine Container School showcases how CBOX can provide high-quality and low-cost container houses for various purposes and scenarios. The company takes pride in its work and hopes that the students and teachers of the school will enjoy their new learning environment.

If you are interested in learning more about CBOX and their container houses, visit their website, Instagram, and YouTube channel. They have a range of products and projects to share.

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