Waktu Minum Teh CBOX Sebelum Pesta Musim Bunga!

As the Chinese lunar year comes to an end, our CBOX CONTAINER held a cozy afternoon tea party before the Spring Festival. The party was a chance to celebrate the company’s growth and success over the past year, as well as to express gratitude and appreciation to the employees.

During the party, Ranny, the president of CBOX company delivered an inspiring speech, reviewing the company’s performance and achievements in 2023, and outlining the company’s vision and goals for 2024. She thanked the employees for their hard work and contribution and praised them for their creativity and innovation. She also encouraged them to continue to pursue excellence and customer satisfaction in the new year.

The employees also enjoyed various fun games and activities, exchanging greetings and wishes with each other. Everyone received a warm gift from the company, and the most exciting part was that Ranny surprised the employees with a special gift that could preserve their value – gold beads! The gold beads symbolized the value and wealth of the employees and the company and also showed the boss’s generosity and care. The employees were thrilled and touched by the gift, and expressed their gratitude and pride to the boss and the company.

The party ended with Ranny’s heartfelt wishes to all the employees. We CBOX hope all of you guys will have a happy, safe, and healthy Spring Festival, and looking forward to working with you in the new year to create more brilliant results!

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