Cbox Menyediakan 5.000 Rumah Kontainer yang Dapat Dilepas untuk Pemukiman Kembali Pasca Bencana di Turki

1. Introduction of Turkey Project

Project name: Turkiye post-disaster resettlement housing project

House type: Detachable container house

Container house supplier: Guangdong Cbox Co., Ltd. (CBOX)

Number of container houses: 5,000 units

Production and delivery time: within one month

2. CBOX becomes a supplier of mobile container shelters in Türkiye

CBOX(Guangdong Cbox Co., Limited) is proud to announce that we have successfully completed a post-disaster resettlement housing project in Turkey, providing 5,000 detachable container houses for the people affected by the earthquake. This project showcases our ability to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and eco-friendly container houses in a timely and efficient manner.

3. Turkey’s customer bought 2,000 detachable container houses first from CBOX.

The earthquake in Turkey in 2023 caused serious harm to the people of Turkey and Syria. According to statistics, more than 14 million people were affected and 1.5 million people became homeless. CBOX’s Turkish customers came to us as soon as possible to propose container house earthquake Demand for resettlement housing and expressed their urgent need for temporary housing units for the earthquake survivors.

They decided to buy container houses from us after seeing our product portfolio, which showcases our high-quality and eco-friendly container houses. They selected our detachable container houses, which are easy to install and customize. They are prefabricated and modular units that can fit the site conditions and user preferences. They also liked our professional service and support, as well as our competitive price and warranty. This project demonstrates our ability to deliver cost-effective and timely solutions for post-disaster housing needs.

4. Turkey’s customer bought 5,000 container houses, and CBOX delivered in one month.

Our customer’s satisfaction with the first batch of container houses surpassed our expectations. They were impressed with the exceptional quality, durability, comfort, and safety features of our products. The praise extended to our dedicated engineers who provided invaluable on-site guidance and assistance during the installation process. Encouraged by their positive experience, our customer made the decision to place an additional order for 3,000 more container houses, bringing the total count to an impressive 5,000 units.

Acknowledging the time constraints of the project, we took immediate action to streamline our production and shipment processes, ensuring that all container houses would be delivered within a tight one-month timeframe. Mobilizing our resources and optimizing our operations, we remained committed to meeting the deadline without compromising the superior quality our customers expected. Throughout the project, we maintained open lines of communication with our customers, regularly updating them on the progress and addressing any concerns promptly.

5. CBOX’s engineers installed and inspected container houses for post disaster, and customers were happy and grateful.

Upon the arrival of the first batch of container houses in Turkey, our dedicated engineers promptly traveled to the site to offer their expertise in installation and inspection. In addition to this, they provided comprehensive training sessions and continued technical support to both the local staff and end-users. Their meticulous efforts guaranteed that every container house was assembled correctly and operated seamlessly.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our team, the project was executed flawlessly, garnering positive feedback from our esteemed customers and the end-users. Their expressions of gratitude and appreciation for our exceptional products and services were truly heartening. Furthermore, they enthusiastically pledged to recommend Cbox to their acquaintances and business partners who seek reliable and reputable container house suppliers.

6. CBOX helped Turkey with container houses, grateful and proud.

We are honored and delighted to be part of this meaningful project that helped improve the lives of thousands of people in Turkey. We are also grateful for the trust and confidence that our customers placed in us. We hope that this project will serve as a model and inspiration for other post-disaster housing projects around the world.

7. About CBOX

Guangdong C.BOX Co., Ltd, which covers 350,000 square meters and has an annual output of 200,000 containers, focuses on designing and developing, producing, selling, installing, operating, and serving as a whole, providing one-stop box rental and manufacturing for customers.

After 17 years of hard work by the company’s core team, it has obtained 46 invention patents and utility model patents.

Guangdong Cbox Co., Limited has 30 factories, and the product categories produced include steel structures, flat-pack container houses, detachable container houses, foldable container houses, folding flat-pack container houses, portable toilets, etc, which is a leading provider of container houses for various applications, such as residential, commercial, industrial, educational, medical, military, etc. We have a global network of customers and partners who trust us for our quality, innovation, and sustainability.

If you are interested in learning more about our products and services, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!