CBOX Container Houses Help Turkey Rebuild After Earthquake

It has been nearly a year since CBOX, a leading container house supplier in China, sold 5,000 container houses to Turkey for post-disaster housing. The container houses were used to build multiple “container communities” in Kahramanmaras, a city in southeastern Turkey that was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2023. The container communities provide safe, comfortable, and convenient living spaces for the earthquake survivors, as well as various facilities and services, such as schools, banks, supermarkets, laundry rooms, and pharmacies. The largest container community consists of more than 2,500 containers and can accommodate 7,000 people.

The container houses used in the project are detachable and modular units that can be easily transported, installed, and customized. The size of each container house is a non-standard size of 3*7 meters, which is a design plan issued by CBOX based on the specific local conditions in Turkey. This size can usually accommodate a family of three. The internal layout includes a living room, a separate bathroom, a bedroom, and an open kitchen, which are very convenient to use.


The container houses have many benefits for earthquake relief, such as:

• Safe and stable, strong earthquake resistance:

Container houses are frame steel structures that can withstand harsh weather conditions and natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes. They can also resist corrosion, fire, and pests. They can be used as safe havens to reduce secondary damage during an earthquake.

• Can be put into use quickly:

The roof, ground, and circuit system of the container house are completely prefabricated in the factory, which shortens the transportation, installation, and construction time. After the earthquake, the resettlement problem of the affected people is very urgent. The use of container houses can achieve quick move-in. Among them, the folding container house has the fastest transportation and installation speed and is very suitable for use in earthquake areas. After the container house is used, it can be recycled without generating construction waste and causing a waste of resources.

• High living comfort:

Before there were container houses, tents were often used to avoid natural disasters. Compared with container houses, the safety and comfort were much worse. The container house can be equipped with toilets, bathrooms, etc. After the water and electricity are connected, it is no different from living at home. It is clean, tidy, and comfortable.

CBOX is proud to have contributed to the reconstruction of Turkey after the earthquake and to have provided safe shelter to the people in the earthquake area. CBOX is a professional and experienced container house supplier that can offer various types of container houses, such as single-layer, double- or three-story, with or without corridors, standard or non-standard size, with or without glass sliding doors and windows, and orderly or randomly placed. CBOX can also customize the container houses according to the needs and preferences of the customers, such as size, design, layout, and equipment. CBOX can deliver and install the container houses in a fast and efficient way, and can also provide after-sales service and support.

CBOX hopes that the Turkish people can rebuild their homeland as soon as possible and wishes them all the best.

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