5 Types of Prefab Container Houses

Prefab container houses have gained popularity in recent years due to their affordability, sustainability, and versatility. This kind of container house is not transformed from second-hand shipping containers, but a container house that meets the requirements of house construction and is cheaper to manufacture directly in the factory. Whether it’s a construction site, a disaster-stricken area, or even a remote vacation spot, packaged container houses can be quickly assembled and disassembled to meet different demands.

In this blog, we will explore five different types of prefab container houses, each offering unique features and benefits, name flat pack container house, detachable container house, expandable container house, foldable container house, and flat pack foldable container house.



5.8×2.4×2.8 meter size

1×40HQ can load 6~8 units

The top and bottom frame of the flat pack container house is already finished, so that can save the installation time, 4 workers can finish 1 house in 1~2 hours. When we transport flat-pack container houses, we usually put the bottom frame on the ground, then lay wall panels, columns, downpipes, doors, windows, screw fittings, etc., and then cover them with the top frame.



6×3×2.8 meter size

1×40HQ can load 17 units


The detachable container house looks almost exactly the same as the flat pack container house, but the top and bottom frames of the detachable container house are not prefabricated, they are all disassembled and packaged in bulk. The purpose of this is to save transportation costs for customers.
All the cabinets are disassembled and packed, which saves 64% of the transportation space compared with the flat-pack container house. However, this also makes the installation time of detachable container house a little longer, 4 workers can finish 1 house in 2~3 hours.




5.8×6.4×2.5 meter size

1×40HQ can load 2 units


The expandable container house is also called a THREE-IN-ONE HOUSE. Its biggest feature is that it can transform from one container into three containers. When we install this kind of container house, we will put down the folded floor on both sides and open the wall and top panels, so as to realize the process of changing from one to three.
It is three times the size of a flat-pack container house, and 80% prefabricated, 4 workers can finish 1 house in 0.5 hours. When we transport it, we will fold up the wall panels, top panels, and floors on both sides and install door bolts to fix them and wrap them with bubble film to protect this container house.




5.8×2.5×2.45 meter size

1×40HQ can load 10~12 units


The foldable container house is about the same size as the flat pack container house, but the house structure is different from the flat pack container house, and the installation time is much faster than the flat pack container house. It can achieve 95% prefabrication, and 4 workers can finish 1 house within 10 minutes.

Assuming you have an installation team of 20 people, you can install 240 sets of foldable container houses in 8 hours (1 day), while the same number of construction teams need to spend 48 hours (6 days) to install the flat pack container houses.

The volume of a folding container house is larger than that of a flat pack container house, and it can also save more installation space, but the thickness of the steel is not as thick as that of a folding container house. Customers can modify the steel thickness of folding container houses according to their own conditions.



5. Sliding Z Container(Sliding Z Box)

5.9×2.5×2.47 meter size

1×40 HQ can load 8~10 units


The sliding Z container house has exactly the same shape as the flat pack container house, but it is 90% prefabricated. It has the steel strength of a flat-pack container house, and can also be folded like a folding container house, which can meet the needs of products that not only want the appearance and strength of a flat-pack container house but also want to install quickly!



All these innovative and versatile prefab container houses mentioned above are produced by Guangdong Cbox Co., Limited(CBOX). As a leading manufacturer in the industry, CBOX is renowned for its commitment to affordability, sustainability, and high-quality construction.

With a focus on meeting the diverse demands of different settings, CBOX has developed a range of container house solutions that cater to various needs. Whether it’s a construction site, a disaster-stricken area, or a remote vacation spot, their container houses can be swiftly assembled and disassembled, providing practical and functional living spaces.

The company’s dedication to providing efficient and cost-effective solutions is evident in its product offerings. From the flat pack container house, with its time-saving installation process, to the detachable container house that optimizes transportation costs, each design showcases CBOX’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

When you choose CBOX, you can trust in their expertise, precision manufacturing, and commitment to delivering top-notch prefab container houses. Experience the convenience, affordability, and reliability that CBOX brings to the world of container house construction.

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